What a fantastic week we have had in Nursery this week! We have enjoyed talking about Easter and learning all about The Easter Story, as well as thinking about how Easter and Spring relate to each other. We were able to use The Easter Story to promote lots of good discussion and show our story recall skills. We created Happy Easter/Happy Spring cards to take home with us for our family celebrations!

In Maths we have been doing some great work on 2D shapes, and really enjoyed going on a 2D shape hunt to identify objects all around the classroom, correctly naming on based on the four shapes that we have learned so far - square, rectangle, circle and triangle. We did amazingly and found a wide range of different objects!

We also continued our work on subitising and enjoying rolling the dice and really quickly identifying how many dots there were. We then matched this to the correct number card, and even showed the correct amount of finger numbers!

In our continuous provision we enjoyed playing a game on the IWB where we had to continue the patterns by identifying the correct shape and colour that came next. 

In our construction area we have been building churches, following discussion of how Easter is a Christian festival often celebrated in a church. The models we made were amazing! We showed lots of skill in balancing lots of shapes of blocks without them falling over.

We have also enjoyed exploring magnets this week - independently following an adult led focus last week. We discovered that we can make a magnet move above the table whilst holding one under the table! We also got creative with exploring the range of buildings that we could build using the magnetic shapes.

Our small world area is a farm with lots of baby animals currently, and we have really enjoyed role playing with this. We experimented with how to make different animal noises, and made up narratives with one another to support our play. We incorporated Maths into our learning by counting the range of animals, and enjoyed reading animal books.