This week has been different for us in Jellyfish class this week. We have spent our mornings this week showing off all of our learning from Year 3 so far by completing some assessments. I am incredibly proud of the resilience shown by every single one of the Jellyfish this week! Alongside this we have had a few more rehearsals in the hall ready for our production next week! 

This week we have learnt about the different cradles of civilisation in History and looked at the similarities between them. We learnt all about the Shang, Sumer, Egypt and the Indus Valley. All of these civilisations were built near rivers which meant that people could stop being nomadic in order to survive. In Science we looked at the different layers of rock that make up our Earth. We absolutely loved this and got to write our own stories imagining we were digging down through each layer. In Geography we looked at how farming can change our landscape. We learnt about forest clearings, hedges and marshlands.