Yet another busy week for Nursery, who are fantastic at being busy and engaging in lots of activities within the class!
We really enjoyed our EAD/PD session this week, where we explored how to move to different types of music (fast beat, slow beat) and followed instructions on songs. We also used banners to support our dance moves. Nursery have a great sense of rhythm!

As well as this, we were introduced to magnets this week and enjoyed exploring a range of objects, some magnetic and some not. We talked about the words magnet and magnetic, and what these words mean, as well as engaging in a hunt around our classroom to try to join our magnets to different objects in order to discover whether they were magnetic or not.

We talked about the season Spring and the different signs of Spring that we may begin to see. Nursery showed a brilliant level of understanding and were able to suggest ideas such as Easter, sunshine, flowers and baby animals. In the outdoor area we enjoyed recreating Spring pictures using the peg boards, whilst also supporting our fine motor and problem solving skills! We created lots of pictures, such as chicks, rainbows and flowers. 

Inside the classroom we created a nest for our chick, using a range of resources from a choice, such as feathers, hay and shredded paper. We talked about why it is important for baby chicks to build nests, and why we might start to see lots more of them now that it is Spring.

On the Literacy table we have been exploring initial sounds and using this knowledge to match letter sound to picture. We used great communication skills with one another in order to support our understanding in this activity, and used knowledge based on our phonics lessons to help us.

During Maths, we have been learning everything we need to know about rectangles! We have practiced identifying a rectangle, counting the number of sides, drawing and identifying around the indoor and outdoor environment. We are now rectangle experts!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you next week!