In Writing, we have amazed Miss Cooke and Mrs Lawton with our alternative perspective narratives. We have been practising our skills writing as Eddie, the bully from the camp in ‘Wonder’. We have focused on including direct and indirect speech to move the action forwards and develop characters.

Our Maths lessons have seen us continue our consolidation of our knowledge in preparation for SATs. This week, we have looked at equivalent fractions, working with decimal numbers when using the four operations, and finding percentage of amounts. We then completed the week by finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages!

In our Music lesson, we practiced our musical notation reading, including beginning playing our glockenspiels on the ‘off beat’ this week. We found this very tricky, but practice makes perfect!

Our Science lesson this week saw us investigate the impact of putting more voltage into a circuit. We learnt about the role of a resistor in a simple circuit, and found that the more voltage there was, the brighter the bulb.

Our Geography topic has seen us learn about oceans and coasts. We learnt that the Both Wales and the Caribbean have Atlantic coasts, and the impact of this is very different. For example, the Caribbean is prone to hurricanes and tsunamis whereas Wales is well-known for its rainy weather!

In our 17th Century London topic, we have spent time learning about the beginnings of the British Empire and the reasons why Britain began to expand their territories by creating colonies through imperialism.