This week we have been completing our end of term assessments and I am so proud of everyone's progress from September! We took our time and showed maturity when completing them and impressed the adults in the room with our scores! Well done! 

In English this week we have completed another Independent Write - our first person letter to Aunt Lucy! We had to pretend to be Paddington Bear telling our Aunt about the adventures we'd had in London. We focused on using conjunctions to link our ideas together and a variety of punctuation including a question, exclamation and full stops for statements. The results of our independent writes were amazing and they were the best pieces of writing we've done, including lots of different Year 2 skills. 

In History this week we learned about another famous explorer - this time, the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong! We listened carefully to his story, remembering key information which showed we were listening. We learned that Neil used to be in the army before he became an astronaut and was the first person to walk on the moon. He made an impact on the world by allowing people to know what life is life in space! He was an inspiration for people who have dreams by showing that everyone can achieve their dream job if they work hard. We have really enjoyed our time learning about famous explorers.

In DT we spent time planning our salad based on our opinions from taste testing last week. Depending on what we liked, we decided what to include in our salad and annotated to show what ingredients we needed. We then worked together as a class to create our own shopping list so that we can make our salads next week. 

In Science we have learned about the life cycle of a frog. We already knew key words such as tadpole but we expanded our vocabulary learning about Frog Spawn, tadpoles, froglets and adult frogs. After watching a video of a frog's life cycle we were then able to label a diagram and discuss the different parts using scientific vocabulary.