This week Y4 have completed their NFER assessments. I could not be any more prouder, the determination and courage Stingrays have shown during their tests has been phenomenal, it is fantastic to see how they have progressed and how their confidence has grown. They continue to impress me day in day out, I cannot praise them enough! Well done Stingrays!!! 


In Writing this week, we have completed our independent writes, a narrative poem based on the story of Hansel and Gretel. This is something that Stingrays struggled with during lessons, we found it quite difficult to shorten sentences as we are so used to extending them to add description in a narrative. However, I was blown away on Thursday by the amazing poems they have written and their ability to include rhyming couplets, humour, description, and rhythm through counting syllables. At first we struggled to get to grips with the style of writing but Stingrays have come to thoroughly enjoy creating their poems and this was lovely to see!

We have had limited Maths lessons this week due to our assessments however we managed to squeeze one in towards the end of the week where we continued our learning based on decimals, using number lines to round decimals to the nearest ten.


In History this week, we learnt all about Roman Towns. We focussed on the layout of one Roman Town in particular 'Aqua Sulis' in Bath. We learnt that Romans didn't have bathrooms in their houses so the towns had public baths in which people met with their friends, bathed and exercised, these baths were kept warm by furnaces which lit the hypocaust. We had some very interesting questions asked during this lesson and Stingrays were really intrigued in understanding how Archaeologists have been able to discover more about the Romans through their well thought out Roman towns. 

We have been practising our Easter production this week and I must say you are certainly in for a treat next week! We look forward to welcoming you to our production :)

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Olenczuk and Miss Roberts