To start our maths lessons this week Year 6 answered a range of fraction questions to help prepare them for their SATs Arithmetic paper. We looked at adding and subtracting fractions, before moving on to multiplying and dividing fractions using the KFC (keep, flip and change) method. Finally, to end the lesson we practised some fraction of amounts questions and recapped the skill: that we must divide by the denominator and multiply by the numerator to answer these questions.


This week Year 6 completed a practice SATs paper to help prepare them for their official test. We recapped skills such as identifying main clauses and subordinate clauses, contracted forms of words with apostrophes, identifying synonyms, use of colons and semi colons as-well as recognising different word classes such as nouns, adjectives, adverbs and determiners. 


In science this week children in Year 6 continued with their learning on circuits. This week we discussed how increasing the voltage may affect the brightness of a bulb. We conducted an experiment to explore the effect of increasing and decreasing voltage in circuits and found that increasing the voltage within a circuit increases the brightness of a bulb. Children then used this knowledge to further explain that increasing and decreasing voltage may also affect other resistors such as buzzers. It was lovely to see children writing answers including key scientific vocabulary. 


This week children learned about tsunamis, they defined them as massive waves that were distributed in lines. They also learnt that these were caused by earthquakes. After defining the word tsunami they then went on to compare the regions of America and Wales and their subsequent weather due to their locations in the world and the impacts of oceans upon the climates of these locations.

Online Safety Workshop

Children in year 5 and 6 took part in an e-safety workshop this week where they learned all about staying safe online. They enjoyed taking part in all the practical activities to help them understand how they should stay safe and report incidents of cyber bullying that they may have experience of or been informed about. 


This week children in year 6 explored the creation of the British empire. Having discussed how the British empire began they then explained its establishment and benefits for  the lower class Londoners  in their books. Children used words such as imperialism, territories, empire, rule, state, power and much more to develop their answers. Well done Year 6, for your amazing history work this week!