First of all, a massive well done to one of our pupils for hitting 1000 subscribers on their family Youtube channel! An amazing achievement that I'm sure will be the first of many to come and I can't wait to see what comes next!

Our English learning this week saw us completing our extended writes that this time were a newspaper detailing the events that followed the Wizard of Oz being revealed as a conman!  After so much hard work in adapting to journalistic writing, it's great to see how well these have turned out, we used lots of journalistic features, such as figurative language and appropriate reporting clauses.

Our Maths learning this week saw us revisiting perimeter and area from the start of the year. We began by measuring the perimeter of rectilinear shapes , before then moving on to finding area of rectangles and square, which required us to remember the rules of multiplying the length of the shape by its width to find out the total inside of the shape, whereas perimeter is a measurement of the outside of a shape.

In History this week we carried on learning about the on-going Viking invasions.  We learnt about the battle of Ashdown, which saw the two Princes of Wessex, Aethelred and Alfred, defending their country. They won the battle but did not claim a total victory over them as the Vikings attacked a further 3 times the same year. Aethelred died and Alfred became King and soon Alfred and his wife had a baby daughter, who will become a much more important figure in our learning as our lessons continue.

Our Geography learning this week saw us continue our learning relating to Oceans.  We learnt about how the climate is affected by the currents within the oceans, due to hoe the warmth of the equator is spread. We learnt that warm  currents travel away from the equator, heating up areas such as the UK, before then travelling back in a circular Gyre, as it cools and passes North America.  We also learnt that phytoplankton are responsible for the majority of oxygen production in the World, which is spread through the current movements and completes a full cycle of the currents every 1000 years!