In our Writing lessons, we have been reading about the events at camp from our class text, ‘Wonder’. We learnt how Amos, Miles and Henry showed courage to defend Auggie, and showed our understanding through answering comprehension questions and writing a social media post as one of the characters.

We used drama activities to show our understanding of the plot of Wonder.

In Maths, we have continued consolidating our knowledge of key mathematical areas in preparation for SATs and the challenges of high school Maths! This week, we have looked at angles around a point, on a line and in 2D shapes using key mathematical vocabulary such as vertex, parallel and perpendicular.

During our Geography lesson, we learnt about oceans and climate. We discovered that the ocean moves in currents, waves and tides, and that cold water sinks to the north of Iceland at the beginning of the world oceans journey. As the water warms around the equator, it begins to rise again. We also learnt that the ocean impacts upon our climate, and that the ocean is vital to our survival due to it producing oxygen from phytoplankton which live within it!

In History, we learnt that seventeenth century London collaborated to rebuild London. We debated whether the Great Fire of London was a blessing in disguise because it eradicated the plague and gave the opportunity to rebuild a greater London.