In Writing this week, we have completed editing our independent writes from last week which were persuasive letters. On Tuesday, the children were introduced to a very new style of writing such as poetry, as their next independent write will be slightly different as it will be a narrative poem. We began to familiarise ourselves with the story Hansel and Gretel during reading, recapping some of the key meanings of pieces of vocabulary, this has helped us to write a narrative poem as we have been able to recall the story off by heart. At the beginning of the week we focussed on understanding rhyme and rhythm, this is something Stingrays struggled with at first, but through the enjoyment of clapping out the syllables of each line in a stanza, they have become experts on rhythm! On Wednesday, we looked at the different types of vocabulary we use in our narrative poems categorising them into high-level context specific vocabulary and narrative vocabulary (words that are typically used in a fairy tale). Stingrays worked really hard in this lesson but struggled to grasp the structure of a narrative poem therefore we created a poem together to build our confidence. I am very impressed with how by the end of the week Stingrays have produced some lovely stanzas of poetry. 


In Arithmetic this week we have focused on recapping our number bonds to 100. This is something we found very difficult at the beginning of the week but through the use of number lines have become fluent in mentally visualising number bonds to 100 in order to quickly add two digit numbers together. to help them  an important skill which will come in useful for our decimals learning. 


In Maths this week we continued with our topic of ‘Decimals’. On Tuesday, we learnt about how to make a whole using hundreds squares to help us considering how many hundredths had been shaded in and how many more needed to be shaded in to make a whole. On Wednesday, we then moved onto writing decimals ensuring to use place holders when needed. At first Stingrays had difficulty seeing the decimals without place value charts, so we recapped this skill during an arithmetic lesson to build the children's confidence. Later on in the week, we compared decimals we flew this lesson however we now need to build our mastery in explaining concepts in our books. 


In Science this week we celebrated British Science Week. This years theme of British Science Week is connections and Y4 considered the connections within The Water Cycle and created posters to display this. We also completed a reading activity that links to The Water Cycle to help consolidate our understanding.


This term in DT we have been learning all about bread. This week we used salt dough to practice different shaping techniques that will come in useful when we make our actual dough. We certainly tried our very best and showed excellent determination during this lesson, take a look at some of the incredible dough shapes Stingrays managed to create with their salt dough!