In English this week we have continued to write our alternative chapter from our story Paddington! We used our new setting of an airport to write the chapter using all of the vocabulary and skills we learned last week. Below are a couple of examples of our Independent Write which Miss Smith and Mrs Bates were very proud of. Towards the end of the week we began working on our new genre - an informal letter. We looked at what a letter was and why somebody would write them before looking at lots of different examples. We came up with a checklist of what makes a good letter so we know what to include in our own next week. 

In Maths we revisited addition and subtraction, practising the skill before moving onto problem solving. We learned how to use a number line to add and subtract by counting forwards and backwards. After learning we needed to add and subtract the 1s first, we found crossing the 10s easier. Addition is something that we're secure in but we struggled a little bit with subtraction. This is something we will continue to work on next week to ensure we feel confident answering subtraction questions. 

The most exciting part of the week was our DT lesson where we taste tested lots of different products you might find in a salad. We scored the items out of 5 based on their appearance, texture, smell and last of all taste. Some of our reactions were funny but we were all brave and tried all of the items - even olives and onions! Our class favourite was cucumber but we weren't so keen on celery and olives. 

It was British Science week this week we so looked at the activities online and looked at the theme of 'Connections'. Our job was to look at fingerprints and learn about their unique qualities for every person. We used paint to lightly paint our fingertips before showing our prints and observing the differences to our partners. 

In History we learned about another famous explorer 'Christopher Columbus'. We learned that he was the first person from Europe to travel to America and this journey was accidental as he was actually attempting to visit Asia. We discussed the morality of his journey, looking at how he enslaved those who already lived there. As a class, we believed this wasn't fair but we do appreciate that Columbus started the idea of exploring the world.