This week in our English lessons, we have completed our independent write of an alternative setting in our first chapter of Paddington.  We then moved to looking at informal features of a letter and began to plan our letter to Aunt Lucy.  We used our prior knowledge of London to describe places Paddington had visited in the capital city.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers.  We have used various method such as dienes, column methods, partitioning and using number lines.  The children could select which method they preferred to use to solve their challenges.

As part of British Science week, we looked at fingerprints and found out lots of interesting information about the importance of fingerprints.  Some of us even decided that we would be interested in a career in forensic science!  We had fun using coco powder and sellotape to illustrate our own fingerprints.

In DT, we continued to plan our sensational salad and we all took part in a salad tasting session.  Cucumber was the most popular salad item amongst the Puffins, with celery being the least favourite.