It’s been a cold and snowy week but this hasn’t stopped Y4 Manatees from producing some amazing work. Take a look below at some of our super learning that has been taken place this week!


In Grammar this week, we have focused on apostrophes. This is a particularly tricky skill especially when considering singular and plural possession. We recapped the general rules of when it is singular possession we add s and when it is plural possession we add the apostrophe after the s. We also learnt about the exception to the rules involving nouns which are already plural. We struggled a bit with this so we will need to recap this in the future.


In Writing this week we have continued to prepare for our independent write. On Tuesday, we focused on conjunctions, in particular we focused on the conjunctions 'whereas', 'if' and 'although'. I was beyond impressed with Manatees determination to use some really tricky conjunctions in their writing to extend their ideas and add detail to their thoughts. On Wednesday, we then planned our independent write. We considered each paragraph and what vocabulary and facts and statistics we would include in these. Y4 Manatees did an amazing job as it was a really long planning lesson, but everyone made sure they knew the facts ready for their independent write on Thursday. On Thursday, we wrote our independent writes as Nelson Mandela writing to the government to persuade them to abolish apartheid. I was so so impressed with the standard of writing, we are really building up our quantity and quality of work. Keep it up Manatees.


In Arithmetic this week, we have focused on dividing single and 2-digit numbers by 100 to give decimal answers. We learnt that when we divide a number by 100 our digits move two places to the right. Y4 Manatees have really built their fluency in this skill and we will continue to build confidence throughout the week.


In Maths this week we have continued with our topic of 'decimals'. On Tuesday we learnt all about hundredths as fractions before moving onto hundredths as decimals on Wednesday. Y4 have continued to excel with their decimal work and are gradually deepening their understanding by reaching Gold and Platinum more frequently. On Thursday we then looked at decimals on place value charts. We consolidated our understanding of the value of each digit using place value charts and counters and then used this knowledge to problem solve and reason.


In Science this week we have learnt all about 'The Water Cycle'. This week we considered what the terms precipitation, evaporation, collection and condensation mean and how these processes connect together to create the water cycle. We learnt that in the water cycle the water warms up and begins to evaporate, then the water vapour rises. When the vapour cools down it causes condensation. Then rain begins to fall and we call this precipitation. Miss Marsh taught this lesson and she said how well Manatees did with the lesson and how impressed she was with the presentation in Science books.


In Geography this week we have continued with our topic of 'Tourism'. This week we learnt about the different types of tourism and considered why people might visit different places. We then considered what a tourist is and addressed some common misconceptions about when you would and would not be classed as a tourist. Later on in the lesson we then considered how tourists contribute towards a countries economy whether that be through purchasing souvenirs or through staying overnight at guest houses or hotels.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog. We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and we shall see you all on Monday.

Miss Selman and Miss Marsh