What a wonderful but snowy week we have had this week! Although it was a bit of a distraction, the children have really enjoyed the snow and was still super focused on their learning.


This week in English we have worked on retelling the story of lost and found. To begin the week we started to write the beginning of the story using the suffix ED and ING. This is something the children have learnt before so we’re able to apply this quickly and successfully to their writing! The children wrote the middle of the story, the most exciting part of the story, when writing this they use conjunctions specifically and or and but. Finally to end the week, the children use their prior knowledge to write the end of the story independently and have absolutely blown us away with that.


In maths this week we have been focusing on finding a quarter of a shape or object. The children learn that they needed to cut the shape into half and half again , to make four equal parts. They started by doing this practically fine motor skills with cutting. Then they did this pictorially and use problem-solving the following day. After this, the children learn to find how to find quarters of a quantity or set first they use concrete resources to find four equal groups, then they used pictorial resources to further their learning. So even moved on to problem-solving and reasoning with this, which at first we found quite tricky, but with determination we succeeded.


This week in geography, we have learned the capital cities of the United Kingdom. We found that capital cities where the government can be found, where the head of state lives (king, queen or prime minister) and can sometimes be the largest city in the country.


This week in science we have been learning about the properties of materials. We found that some materials could have multiple properties. For example, glass is hard but fragile, wood can be rough or smooth.

Design and technology.

in DT, this week we have been exploring dippers. The children tried a range of dippers such as cucumber, celery and breadsticks and  use their sense of taste and touch to describe how they felt. They also created a tally of which was their favourite , it was clear to see not many of us like celery at all!