In English this week we have continued working on our Paddington re-tell but this time, using our imagination to change the setting in our story. Instead of meeting Paddington in a train station, we decided Mr and Mrs Brown would meet him in an airport. Many of us had visited an airport before so we were able to describe what you might find. We learned some new vocabulary such as terminal, gate, flight attendant, runway and passports. We watched a video of Manchester Airport to understand all of these things in context before writing our own sentences including them to show our understanding. We then wrote sentences using conjunctions to link our ideas together before completing an independent write of Chapter 1. 

In Maths this week we continued with our division learning, moving onto solving word problems. We struggled at first but once we read the questions carefully and drew pictures to help, we enjoyed solving the problems independently. We then revisited our Money topic where we were able to show different amounts of money using a variety of coins and added amounts together to find a total. At the end of the week we were introduced to finding the change which meant we needed to be secure in subtraction. 

In Science this week we moved onto another life cycle - the life cycle of a hen. We learned that hens grow from an egg that has been laid by a female hen and incubated for 21 days. This means the hen keeps the egg warm until it's ready to hatch. When it hatches, a chick is born which then grows into an adult chicken. We enjoyed role playing the life cycle before drawing and explaining it in our books. 

In History we learned about Amelia Earhart and why she is considered to be a significant person. We discovered that she was the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean on her own and she inspired many women to do what they wish to, despite what others say. We were very interested to learn that her first plane was bright yellow and nicknamed The Canary after the bird.