In our Writing lessons this week, we have culminated our learning into writing a formal letter. This is addressed to Mr Tushman from the novel Wonder, and the children wrote as the character Jack Will. We used techniques re-visited over the past few lessons, including subjunctive form, perfect form and formal language, to persuade Mr Tushman to reconsider Jack’s expulsion. There are some examples of WAGOLLs from our class below, including fantastic use of vocabulary, structure and Year 6 standards.

In our Maths lessons, we have been revising topics including conversions of measure. We have taken part in coaching sessions to ensure our understanding of this tricky concept which includes the skill of multiplying and dividing by powers of ten.

This week, we have had a visit from a PCSO to tell us about the dangers of being online. The children were very interested to learn the ways in which police can monitor online activity!

We have introduced our new recognition board into our classroom. We will choose a precept of the week, inspired by our class text ‘Wonder’, and show recognition of those children who show that they are ready, respectful and safe when following this ideology.