This week has been a very cold and snowy week but Stingrays have produced some fantastic learning, find out more below.


In Grammar this week, we have focused on using apostrophes to mark possession. This has been a particularly tricky skill to master especially when considering both singular, plural apostrophes for possession alongside some common exception rules. We recapped the general rules of when it is singular possession we add s and when it is plural possession we add the apostrophe after the s. We also learnt about the exception to the rules involving nouns which are already plural. We struggled a bit with this so we are going to continue to build our confidence over the next coming weeks. In Writing this week we have continued to prepare for our independent write ' a letter written by Nelson Mandela to persuade the government to abolish apartheid'. On Tuesday, we focused on conjunctions, mainly 'whereas', 'if' and 'although', as these are ones we find difficult to use in our writing to extend ideas. On Wednesday, we then planned our independent write. We considered each paragraph and what vocabulary and facts and statistics we would include in these. On Thursday, we wrote our independent writes as Nelson Mandela writing to the government to persuade them to abolish apartheid. I was so so impressed with the standard of writing, we are really building up fluency in writing. Keep up the hard work Stingrays.


In Arithmetic this week, we have focused on dividing 1 and 2-digit numbers by 100 to give decimal answers. We have learnt that when we divide a number by 100 our digits move two places to the right. .In Maths this week we have continued with our topic of 'decimals'. On Tuesday we learnt all about hundredths as fractions before moving onto hundredths as decimals on Wednesday. Y4 have impressed us with how they have been able to apply their knowledge taught within lessons to answer difficult Gold and Platinum questions throughout he week. On Thursday we then looked at decimals on place value charts. We consolidated our understanding of the value of each digit using place value charts and counters. 


In Science this week we have learnt all about 'The Water Cycle'. This week we considered what the terms precipitation, evaporation, collection and condensation mean and how these processes connect together to create the water cycle. 

We learnt that in the water cycle when the water warms up it begins to evaporate, then the water vapour rises. When the vapour cools down it causes condensation forming clouds. Then rain begins to fall when the clouds get heavy and we call this precipitation. Water is then collected again in seas, oceans and rivers and the cycle begins again! We were amazed at how the water we drink today is the same water people drank in the past because water is reused and recycled.  

We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and we shall see you all on Monday.

Miss Olenczuk and Miss Roberts