Nursery have returned to school following the half term break fantastically, and have jumped straight back into their learning! We are also very proud of how well all of the children have remembered the rules and routines that we have in place during the school day. 

This week, we have started to look at our new topic - People Who Help Us. We have discussed a range of different people and their jobs, such as Police, Firefighters, Doctors and Vets so far, and have talked about what we know about these people and how they can keep us safe. Our main focus has been Firefighters, and we have enjoyed doing lots of different activities to learn more about them!

In the construction area, we have been busy using the large blocks to build a road in order to allow the fire engines to drive to the house that is on fire. Our imaginations also lead us to build our own houses uses these wooden blocks!

In the outdoor area, we have been identifying familiar letters and numbers by squirting water onto these when recognised! We are very impressed with how many numbers our children were able to identify.

We were very interested in our logo table this week! We needed to look at the range of logos to determine which ones we could recognised. We then discussed with our friends where we recognised them from, and attempted to draw our favourites.

We have been thinking about the different types of equipment that a range of people who help us need and what it is used for. We worked in groups to put each piece of equipment with the correct person once we had named and identified them.

In the outdoor area we also had the bikes and scooters out this week. We talked about safety and discussed why we needed to wear our helmets. We were very sensible and made sure not to crash into each other. We were also very kind and good at taking turns to allow everybody to have a go on the equipment!

This week we also celebrated World Book Day and enjoyed showing off our lovely bright outfits to the rest of the class! We read lots of stories together and talked about our favourite stories. We also made bookmarks and tried hard to independently write our name on these in beautiful neat handwriting. 

Finally, we started to explore some of the signs of Spring that we could see outside. We created pictures of the flowers that we could see starting to grow!

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see you all again next week!