Welcome back after a week's half term break! The children in Jellyfish are definitely well rested and ready for the next 5 weeks of learning! We have allocated parts and begun practising for our Year 3&4 Spring production which has been really exciting! 


This week in English we have started our next piece of writing, a non-chronological report. We will be writing this all about life in Victorian Britain. To begin with we looked at examples of non-chronological reports to help us become familiar with the features we need to include as well as the year 3 skills. We then looked at how we can include different types of adverbs and prepositional phrases. 


This week in Maths we have been looking at money and have really enjoyed this! We have really impressed Miss French with our understanding of money. We looked at adding money to begin with and solved some really tricky calculations with a lot of different coin combinations. Following this we looked at subtraction and giving change. This was a bit trickier but still showed our understanding through determination. 

History and Geography 

This week in both History and Geography we started our new units of learning. In History we have started learning about cradles of civilisation. This week we learnt all about a place called ancient Sumer in the region Mesopotamia. We discovered the Sumer is what we now call Iraq! We couldn't believe this! We learnt all about the importance of the River Tigris and the Euphrates river and how Mesopotamia means land between rivers! In Geography we started our learning all about agriculture. This week we learnt all about how food gets to our shops through farmers and how this is processed and then distributed. We also learnt about the three main types of farming in the UK. Pastoral farming, arable farming and mixed farming! 

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day and we had a fantastic day! We had a day bursting with reading activities. We all brought in our favourite book and shared these with each other! We had such a range of books, Miss French was so impressed! We participated in CBBC's live lesson with Michael Rosen, created silly stories, played some book blurb games and even read a book with a biscuit! In the afternoon we created Jellyfish Island and own our stories relating to our new island. We have definitely got some phenomenal imaginations in Jellyfish!