This week in English, we have started to explore our new text ‘Paddington.’  The children predicted that it is a fiction text and were able to explain why. We focused on the first chapter of the story and are we are exploring vocabulary to use in an alternative setting.  

A highlight of the week was celebrating World Book Day.  The Puffins dressed in bright colours and we enjoyed a day of activities centred around reading.  It was lovely to see so many children bring in their favourite stories from home to share with their friends.  We participated in various quizzes about reading and books, we acted out some stories and we buddied up with friends in year one, sharing our favourite stories.  It was great to see the children sharing their love of reading with one another.

In Maths, we have been dividing and sharing items into equal groups.  We have used concrete apparatus such as counters, numicon and multi link cubes to assist with our sharing activities.

As part of our Science topic this half-term, we are looking at lifecycles of animals.  This week it was the butterfly lifecycle and we used our creative skills to produce paper plate and pasta butterfly lifecycles.  The children are beginning to use scientific vocabulary when talking about an animal lifecycle.

Instead of Geography, we are now learning History and we are discussing significant individuals, such as explorers.We talked about what makes a person significant and had an introduction to some of these individuals.