This week in Duck class we have been learning about the upcoming season Spring. We are slowly moving into a new season and have learnt about the signs of spring that we need to look out for. They have loved discussing the weather, environmental change and the growth of plants and animals. They have drawn/painted pictures of spring and wrote about what they see in Spring.

The children have been creating observational paintings of flowers. They have been great at choosing the write colours and adding detail to their pictures such as leaves, a stem and petals. They are able to discuss their paintings and why we are painting plants. I am super impressed with their learning of parts of a plant.

This week in writing we have been thinking of independent sentences. The children have looked at the image of Spring and used what they have learnt about Spring to think of their own sentences. 

We used sound mats to support our writing and focused on including clear finger spaces. 

In phonics we are recapping previously taught, phase 3 sounds to secure our knowledge. We will be applying phase 3 sounds in longer words. 

The children have made great progress with their reading and some children are becoming very fluent within their books. 

In maths we have been focusing on addition. The children are adding 2 single digit numbers practically and writing an independent number sentence. 

On Thursday we celebrate World Book Day! Thank you for coming in bright colours and for bringing books to share with the class. We completed different activities such as buddy reading, look a different texts and lots of book talk.

After a busy week, I hope you have a lovely weekend. I will see you all Monday morning