Welcome back after half term! It has been a very busy week as we have also celebrated 'World Book Day'!

World Book Day

On Thursday we celebrated 'World Book Day'. This year we wanted to celebrate diversity in reading by asking children to wear clothing to reflect their own culture or heritage or something brightly coloured. To celebrate World Book Day, we read some amazing stories from one of our favourite books 'Little Leaders', about Black people in History who have changed the world in really inspiring ways. We then worked in groups to try and persuade the rest of the class as to why a certain leader was the best leader. I was very impressed with how Stingrays really engaged in the debate and showed a lot of determination and confidence to present their argument. In the afternoon we then made some wooden spoon characters based on our favourite books characters or a character in which we had invented ourselves. We then finished the day by playing pass the parcel in which between each layer of wrapping paper were clues that related to the hidden book. This was a wonderful day celebrating and developing our love for reading!


In Grammar this week, we completed a word class review. We learnt all about word classes such as prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs and we then identified these in a range of different sentences, to consolidate our understanding of the different word classes we use daily. Stingrays were fascinated to see how many skills we can use in just one sentence! In Writing this week, we have begun a new independent write which will be a persuasive letter. We have imagined that we were Rosa Parks writing a letter persuading the government to abolish racial segregation during the apartheid era. On Wednesday, we wrote the introduction and first paragraph of our letter focusing on high-level, formal vocabulary. We then ended the week by looking at how we can successfully use a range of different adverbs in our writing to help make it more emotive.


In Arithmetic this week, we have focused upon dividing 1 digit and 2 digit numbers by 10. Year 4 absolutely flew this skill and have really built their confidence and fluency throughout the week. Well done! In Maths this week we have continued with our topic of 'Decimals'. On Tuesday, we looked at decimals on number lines before moving onto problem solving when dividing by 10. 


In Geography this week we have started our brand new topic entitled 'Tourism'. This week we learnt all about the British seaside town 'Llandudno'. The children really engaged in this lesson and were intrigued to learn all about Llandudno's location and why it is such a popular seaside town to visit. We learnt that many people go to Llandudno to: paddle in the sea, build sandcastles and to watch the famous Punch and Judy show, using our knowledge gained from the lesson to create some advertisement posters to encourage people to visit Llandudno. 

Miss Olenczuk and Miss Roberts