This week in English we have been focusing on formal letter writing, we have looked at the different features of formal letter writing such as the name and address of the recipient and sender, the date, formal language, use of subjunctive form and appropriate punctuation for formal writing. Below are some examples of our amazing pieces of writing:


Maths this week has been interesting, since we started our lessons on Algebra and there were a lot of confused faces to begin with however later children developed their confidence with this topic and are now enjoying working out algebra formulae and have improved in their understanding of algebraic equations. 


In History this week children made a comparison between two significant events in British history ‘The Great Fire of London’ and the ‘Plague.’ They completed a venn diagram to show the differences and similarities between the two events, before going on to discuss how the layout of London impacted the events. Children evidenced great use of historical vocabulary in their pieces of work such as, overcrowded areas , lower class, wealthy, monarchy, compact houses, unsanitary living conditions and trade. Please see below some examples of our fantastic work:


We started our new topic of ‘Oceans and Seas’ this week in Geography, children revisited their knowledge of the 5 oceans and discussed the difference between oceans and seas. They then located oceans and seas on a map and went on to discuss why sea and ocean water can not be drank. It was lovely to see children using key vocabulary such as salinity, oceans , seas, earth, partially enclosed in their work.


We started our new topic of ‘Electricity’ this week in science, Year 6 revisited their knowledge on simple circuits and went on to draw simple circuits using scientific, circuit symbols. Children then looked at and analysed a faulty circuit and wrote what missing  component would prevent it from working.