English this week saw us completing our Independent Write using our alternative characters that we made last week. The stories that the children created were very fun to read and it is obvious how our imagination has come to light in this piece of work. This won't be the end of our characters though as our next published write is going to see them and Dorothy take on an alternate event!

Maths was something some of the children have been waiting a while for, PERCENTAGES! Linking back to our fractions and decimals work the children looked at converting between all 3 representations to solve questions and also finding their equivalents. Our use of prior knowledge made this work a challenge but also served as a good reminder that just because we haven't focused on one area of maths, doesn't mean it won't pop up in another area.

In science we looked at electrical conductors and insulators, since the basic knowledge was the same we decided to experiment with this and see how the conductors allow electricity pass through. To do this we set up a simple circuit with a lightbulb, when a conductor, like a paperclip, was introduced to our circuit the light lit up, but when this was replaced with an insulator, like a plastic ruler, the light would not shine!

Geography continued looking at water, this week we looked specifically at how humans coped during droughts and how a huge aqueduct was constructed to transport water from the North to the South. We found this was done because when the drought occurred thousands of farmers relocated to California and began growing various different crops.

Finally, in History, we looked at a nun called Hilda, who was present at the monastery in Whitby. The reason she was important is because she, as well as Bede, were present for the Synod of Whitby, which saw Britain officially adopt the Roman calendar for Easter, as opposed to the Irish one.