What a fantastic final week before half term we have had! We have been as busy engaging in activities as ever, and learning lots of new things. To celebrate Valentines Day, we talked about the people that we love, focusing on the word 'why' and answering why we love them. We then made Valentines cards for our Mum's and Dad's and all wrote our names inside. We used handprints to form a love heart as we enjoy getting messy!

Again this week we talked about our favourite toys, and they paid a visit to our classroom! We completed observational drawings of our toys, looking at details such as facial features, shapes and colours and the results were amazing! We took our time and were really careful to produce neat pieces of artwork.

In our construction area this week we have enjoyed using the Kapla to build roads for our cars and vehicles. We let our imagination run wild and built roads across the whole of the carpet! We worked together really well to do this and to put all of the pieces of Kapla into place. 

Whilst outside this week we have been playing games using the parachute. We have needed to work together in order to control the parachute and lift it up and down. The game that we enjoyed the most was lifting the parachute up into the air on the count of three in order to throw the ball up into the air!

We also started to explore the large Numicon whilst outside and were enthusiastic to count how many each Numicon amount was, as well as explore the range of colours. We also practiced our number recognition skills with the hopscotch that was set up alongside this, and tried hard to match number to Numicon.

Have a brilliant half term! We look forward to welcoming you all back for Spring 2