This week, we started to look at toys and really enjoyed talking about our favourite toys at home! Using our drawing and name writing skills, we created an invitation asking our toys to come into school and on Friday, we brought these toys into school for a picnic! We really enjoyed showing them off to each other and building our communication skills to talk about them. 

We have also enjoyed exploring lots of toys in Nursery and how they work. A particular favourite has been the toy cars. We worked together to build ramps and then thought about the words 'fast' and 'slow' through our exploration of different ways of making the cars travel. We also got lots of communicational skills out of this activity and our confidence really showed.

Whilst outside, some of us were particularly curious about what we could see on the floor! We discussed shadows and began searching the playground to identify which objects' shadows we could spot. 

In the construction area this week we have been introduced to junk modelling. We were able to come up with lots of imaginative ideas regarding the toys and objects that we wanted to create and were able to think about materials that we wanted to add on to our designs in order to create these. We were also encouraged to practice our fine motor skills through the use of scissors and pens in order to add further details onto our designs.

It was very cold this week! So we decided to go outside and explore all of the signs of Winter that we could see in order to fit with our topic this half term. We could see our breath, observed the sky and found frost in lots of different places. 

In order to develop our pre-writing skills, we covered our mark making table in paper this week and rolled a mark-making dice in order to practice drawing a range of lines and patterns. We further extended this using flashcards that link to our pre-writing shapes. Some children also enjoyed to use their imagination in order to draw and mark make their own ideas. We also focused on getting used to consistently using a tripod grip when holding our pens.

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you next week