What another busy week, I can’t quite believe how fast this term is going.


We have completed another brilliant independent write where we wrote a letter to Mr Bumble persuading him to change the work house conditions. The children had some very imaginative ideas of how he could do this. On Tuesday we then used our editing skills to help us build a good argument in the hopes Mr Bumble will have a change of heart. For the latter part of the week, we have already started to look at our next independent write by familiarising ourselves with the our Year 3 writing skills.


This week we have started our new topic of Mass, looking at grams and kilograms. The children have enjoyed looking at the different scales and they were keen to share where they are used in their own homes. We used a division skills to help us understand the intervals on a scales. In arithmetic we have been practising multiplying by 10 and 100. We have all got super quick at this now.


On Friday we looked at how shadows are created, we all become scientist for the afternoon and investigate different materials to see if they would create a shadow, we learnt that light is reflected in a straight line and if an object or person gets in the way it creates a shadow. 


In art we continued to look at the work of Claude Monet, we created more wonderful pieces of art. This week in particular we focused on using the medium watercolour to create a different effect. 


We have continued to explore the ancient Egyptians this week looking at the Rosetta Stone and the discovery of the hieroglyphs. The children were fascinated that archiologist were able to translate the Egyptian hieroglyphics using Greek. 

In Geography we continued to look at the largest type of settlement cities, this we week we zoomed in on our biggest city London. We learnt that London was never meant to be a city and just grew and grew which is called a process of Urban Sprawl.