This week has been lots of fun for all of us in Nursery class! We have done lots more learning and fun activities. 
Our role play area has been transformed into a clothes shop and we have had so much fun choosing our outfits and trying them on! This has helped to support our independent skills and we have tried really hard to dress ourselves into the range of outfits. Our role playing and communication skills have also developed through the shop and we have been able to extend our learning, for example by choosing a location to then visit in our new outfits! We have interacted really well with each other in our role play area and shared resources without support.

This week, we have focused on shapes in Maths and are so far becoming secure in three of our shapes - square, triangle and circle. Using our knowledge of this, we have created shape penguins. We discussed each shape that we recognised and the amount of sides that this shape has.

To further reinforce our shape knowledge, during continuous provision we had to feed the hungry shape monsters by sorting the shapes and matching to each monster. This was lots of fun!

As well as this, we really enjoyed doing Winter themed yoga and worked really hard to follow the instructions in order to complete each move correctly.

We have created some amazing independent snowy Winter pictures this week. When discussing these with an adult, we were even able to talk about why there were no leaves on the trees anymore and how we knew that this was a sign of Winter. We even talked about how having no leaves on the trees anymore meant that it was no longer Autumn. 

We are working really hard to independently write our names, and so this week we enjoyed using the dabbers to trace over each letter in our names, followed by independently writing our names. Our letter formation is becoming beautiful! 

We wish you a happy weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week!