In our English lessons we have continued to build our letter writing skills to help us write our persuasive letter to Mr Bumble, the owner of Oliver Twist's work house. In Grammar we looked writing in the  first person, which we did a great job remembering all our personal pronouns. We then looked at how to apply our Year 3 writing skills including expanded noun phrases using adjectives to describe nouns. We also looked at using conjunctions both coordinating and subordinating. Then in our lesson on Thursday we planned out our letters, this really helped us in our independent write on Friday asking Mr Bumble to change the living conditions of the work house.


In maths we continued looking at measurement, still focusing on length. Again we continued to show great determination in more tricker challenges especially when converting lengths before we add or subtract. Towards the end of the week we started looking at perimeter of 2D shapes. This is something we have never done before so I was super proud of all the children's progress and how confident they are in explaining perimeter of a closed 2D shape.


In History this week we continued on our journey of ancient Egypt, focusing on what the Egyptians believed about death. The children were engrossed when we looked at the embalming process and how the Egyptians believed that by preserving the body the soul or as they called it the 'Ba' could return. We also learnt that the word Mummification came from the Latin word mumia. 

In Geography we delved further into our topic of settlements, this week looking at the largest settlement a City. We learnt all about the different facilities and what makes a city popular. The children particularly enjoyed looking at different cities around the world including Ghana and France.