This week the children have planned to write a diary entry from Isabel’s perspective. We have previously looked at examples of diary entries and the features that they include so I that the children can plan these features within their own. For the rest of the week the children have practised writing skills needed in a diary entry such as using the different sentence types using the correct punctuation, a variety of openers and subordinating conjunctions (because, when , if).

This week the children have begun the topic of measure. We have previously been taught to measure height and length in centimetres and metres so now we are focusing on mass in kilograms and grams. We have been introduced to lot’s of new vocabulary and also recapped on Year 1 vocabulary such as heavier and lighter. The children have compared mass, read and drew different mass on a scale and used scales to measure objects around the classroom.

‘What do humans need to survive?’

The children are continuing the Science topic of Animals including Humans. We have learnt what humans need to survive and why it is important for the body and mind.

This week the children have continued the Geography topic: A Tour of the UK. They have answered the question ‘What are the physical features of the UK?’ The children know what physical and human features are and are able to explain both. They have been shown physical features of the UK for all of the four countries so that they can discuss and describe them.