This week we have been learning about our Local community. We have discussed what is in our community and special places to us. The children have loved talking about their homes, local parks and shops that they go with their family. They have been drawing pictures, writing captions and discussion with friends using key vocabulary. 

The children were good at knowing we live in 'Hanley' and they can name key places of our community.

After reading our story we saw lots of different places that can be in a community and some were similar to ours! We then used google maps to take a virtual walk around out local area. The children discussed key places special to them, saw familiar places they have visited and we learnt new places that we didn't know were in our community.

It was fun to look at the map and this created a discussion about what a map is.

This week we have continued to learn new phase 3 sounds. We have been applying these new sounds in our writing. The children have been working hard writing captions and focusing on using finger spaces to separate the words. We wrote what we could see in pour community. 

We are continuing to focus on our letter formation, keeping all of the letters on the line and showing clear ascenders and descenders. We have moved on to ladder letters. 

This week we have learnt 'length'. The children have been comparing lengths and using the language of 'short' and 'long'. They have been using the cubes to make a line 'longer' than mine and 'shorter' than mine. We then compared the lengths we have all made to find the longest and shortest.