It's been another busy week in Swan Class! This week, we have started learning about our community. Our focus this week has been our school community. We learnt that a community is a group of people living together in one area. We discussed that our school community is our school and all of the children and adults that come to the school to learn or work. We went on a walk around our school to identify the different places that make our school special. 

We also spoke about all of the different people in our school community who help us, for example: lunchtime supervisors, cleaners and office staff. We discussed that everybody plays an important role in our school. 

We painted different members of our school community, using our fine motor skills.

We have been busy learning our new Phase 3 phonics sounds! This week we learnt four new digraphs, as well as their associated catchphrases to help us remember them :)

In writing, we used our experience of our school walk to write about different places we see in our school. We discussed our ideas together before the children applied their phonics knowledge to segment and spell. We are now writing captions so the children are working hard to ensure they use a finger space between each word. 

In maths, we have been learning about weight. The children explored the weight of different objects, using the vocabulary 'heavy' and 'light'. We learnt about how balance scales work, and how these can be used to help us determine which object is heavier or lighter. We sorted objects into groups (heavy/light) using our own judgement, and used the balance scales to support us if needed. We then ordered objects from heaviest to lightest. 

We enjoyed fun in the snow towards the end of the week! We explored the snow, built snowmen and went sledging! We had lots of fantastic discussions which followed our learning about winter last week!