What an exciting week we have had this week! We finally got to explore the snow that we have been talking about during our Winter topic! Our prior learning of what to wear in Winter was a big help as we were able to recall clothing that would help us to stay warm and ensure that we put this on. 

On Wednesday, we decided to make the most of the snow and go sledging down the hill on the field. Some of us also enjoyed to make snowballs and explore the feel of the snow, with lots of comments about how cold it was!

We also enjoyed a Winter we all this week where we talked about the signs of Winter that we could see. The main was the trees with no leaves. We found lots of branches on the floor which we collected and took back to the classroom with us. We lost count of how many there were! Once back in the classroom, we then added glue, glitter and sequins to these in our malleable area.

On our creative table we had lots of fun exploring the effects of painting in bright colours over foil. We practiced our mark making skills by using a paintbrush to create straight, zig zag and wavy lines and then used our imagination to create pictures such as rainbows, using lots of different colours. 

Outside, we showed amazing teamwork skills and were able to work together to move planks of wood from one side of the playground to the other. The communication used during this activity was amazing and everybody was able to take turns and ensure that all were included throughout. As well as this, everybody supported each other, for example by offering an arm to steady anybody who started to wobble!

We have also been busy in Maths this week, looking at number correspondence and subitising. We enjoyed rolling a dice in order to subitise, doing an amazing job of being able to verbalise the number of dots each time. Our subitising to 3 is becoming secure. This was our first time carrying out number correspondence and we focused really well during the activity. All staff in the class were very impressed! 

Finally, we were amazing at using the interactive whiteboard this week to create pictures of snowmen. These were based on our experiences of playing in the snow on Thursday, and the snowmen that we made with our families. We could independently select appropriate colours for each part of our picture and were encouraged to hold the whiteboard pen using a tripod grip. These pictures were amazing and included lots of little details!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody! We look forward to seeing you (with better weather) next week