This week in Grammar we looked at the difference between direct and reported speech. We discussed how we can use both forms of speech in our diary entry but have to make sure, our writing does not turn into a recount. In writing this week, we have continued to prepare for our independent write. On Tuesday we focussed on using future tense, we learnt that writing the final paragraph of a diary entry in future tense is a nice way to complete the diary sharing Naledi's future hopes. On Wednesday we gathered a bank of feelings and focussed on how we can communicate these in our writing using the skill of show not tell. I was very impressed with the children's discussion over creating a sense of voice through using emotions for effect.


In Arithmetic this week, we have recapped dividing using times tables knowledge, this will support our Maths learning of fractions later in the week, when we are to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. We are growing in building fluency in division. In Maths this week, we have continued our topic of Fractions, this involved learning all about how to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. We will continue to strengthen our understanding, going deeper next week in Arithmetic. We have been completing times tables practice every morning, the children have enjoyed challenging themselves, trying to get quicker and quicker at answering them! Some children even managed to get 10/10 answering questions in 10 seconds! 


In Science this week we continued with our topic entitled 'States of Matter'. This week we thoroughly enjoyed conducting our own investigation into solids, liquids and gases. We then used our investigation to help us to categorise everyday objects as either solids, liquids or gases. This week we delved deeper into our learning by using cheerio's to represent particles, this helped us to visually see particles in objects.