What we lovely week we have had this week! We have still been focusing on our value of the term determination and looking at different ways we can show this. Lots of us have recognised when we are in the learning pit this week and different ways we can get out of it! I am so proud of the children for this!


In our writing lessons this week we have worked on our year 3 skill of adverbs and prepositions before moving on to how we can successfully plan an alternative event. We spent a lesson looking at the difference between prepositions of place and time and how we can use these in our writing. We did the same for adverbs of manner and place. We looked at a different way of planning this week and created some fabulous plans for our own alternatives that will really help us when we complete our writing. 


We have continued our work with fractions. In arithmetic this week we have learnt how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator which we have love learning about! In our maths lessons we have compared both fractions with the same denominator and unit fractions. We have learnt that a unit faction is a fraction where the numerator is always 1. When comparing unit fraction the rule is the bigger the denominator the smaller the fraction! We have really impressed Miss French with our determination in maths this week!


In History this week we learnt so many new facts about life in ancient Egypt. We learnt about how ancient Egypt changed over time. We started with the old kingdom and learnt about the introduction of the pyramids and a pharaoh called Djoser. At this time pyramids were built with 7 steps. We then moved onto the Middle Kingdom and learnt about how after this time Egyptians had learnt a lot more and pyramids were no longer built of 7 steps. Pharaohs now started to build armies and Egypt was becoming rich and powerful. In the new kingdom all of the pharaohs were buried in the same place, the Valley of the Kings. They started using chariots and horses in battle too!