What a busy week Turtle class have had. Take a look at some of our learning.


This week we have worked on our writing skills using contractions and prepositions. We focused on using contractions, we worked on using the apostrophes to combine two words. We then spent a lesson on the differences between preposition of place and time in our writing. This week we have also created plans to help us in writing our alternative event, this will be a be help when we come to do our next piece of writing on Oliver Twist.

This week we have carried out our learning on fractions, in arithmetic we looked at the skill of adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. In our maths lessons we have compared fractions with the same denominators and unit fractions. The children loved learning that the bigger the denominator the smaller the fraction! You have all blown me away with the determination you have shown in fractions this week.


In art we have continued to look at the works of Claude Monet, we have studied pieces of his most famous paintings. We had great discussions about Monet’s style of painting, what we liked about his work, and how it makes us feel.


We have continued our learning into ancient Egypt, this week we looked at the old, middle and new kingdoms. We started with Pharaoh Djoser, who introduced the pyramids to Egypt. Originally they were built with 7 steps. We then moved on to the Middle Kingdom where Egypt had become more powerful and the pyramid was no longer built with 7 steps. Finally we reached the New Kingdom, Pharaoh’s we no longer buried in tombs in the pyramids but now in the Valley of Kings.