This week we have seen snow! Thank you for everyone's patience during the snowfall, whether you tackled coming into School or completing home learning that day, we are proud of all the hard work and dedication. 

In English this week we have completed our first independent write for Spring Term! The children have completed a third person re-tell of The Invisible. They have used and shown the skills that they have been taught and have used adjectives, conjunctions and openers. 

The children thought about the sequence of the story and including all features of a fiction story that we had previously identified. 


Next we will write a diary entry from Isabel's perspective. We have identified the features of a diary entry and read some examples to magpie ideas from.

In Maths we have had a focus on subtraction this week. The children have practised using number lines to subtract and we have begun by subtracting ones from a two digit number to developing our subtraction skill to subtracting two digit numbers. 

In Geography we have recapped prior learning and firstly discussed the United Kingdom and what it is made up of. From this we have focused our learning on the human features of the UK. 

The children we able to talk about Llandudno Pier from their Year 1 trip to Wales. We have looked at human features of the UK, for each of the countries, and the children are able to explain what a human feature is.

In Science we have learnt about the human life cycle and how humans grow and develop. We have discussed each stage of the human life cycle and the children spoke about what happens within each stage.