Our first full week of 2023 was a fantastic! We have started the half term with our new value - Determination. We love the song that Mrs Willis used to introduce called 'Bring it all back' by S Club 7 and we enjoyed singing this throughout the week to remind ourselves to try our best and to never give up. 

In English, we are writing a third person retell of The Invisible by Tom Percival. We started the week by collecting and discussing a range of vocabulary for the introduction of the story including words such as 'optimistic, bleak, deserted and deprived'. Once we had a solid understanding of the new vocabulary we were then able to use it to sequence the story. The children have started practising skills that they will use in their independent write including a range of conjunctions and use of effective adjectives to describe.

In Maths this week we have re-visited our topic of Addition. The children have remembered their previous learning from Autumn term to use partitioning to solve addition problems. They partition the 2 digit number into tens and ones to support them or use dienes to help visualise exchanging ones into tens. The children have made great progress in this topic since Autumn and I am proud of the progress they continue to make. 

In Encompass this week we have begun our topic: Our King's Country: A Tour of the UK.

First by looked at a world map to identify and label the United Kingdom. The children were then given a map of the UK and were taught the countries that make up the United Kingdom and capitals cities for each one. After this the children wrote where they live using geographical vocabulary including the country, city, town and also described what is in their local area. I was impressed with their prior knowledge, with some children knowing the flags of the UK countries or information about each one. 

In Science we have begun our topic Animals including Humans. The children have understood that animals grow from young to adult and how the animal may change as they grow. We have labelled the name of the young for each animal we have looked at. For example the young of a Goose is a Gosling, the young of Cow is called a Calf and so on. As the topic includes Humans, we have also recognised that humans are the same, they grow from baby to adult and change a lot as they grow.