This week in English, Year 6 Whales have been practicing writing a first person retell as Auggie from our text, Wonder. The children have used key Year 6 skills such as show not tell, a wide range of clause structures including adverbials in varied positions and prepositional phrases to add detail and precision. 


In Maths, the children have completed such high quality work as they have learned all about the relationship between fraction, decimals and percentages. We have been blown away by their determination shown! Well done Whales! 


This week in Science Year 6 continued their learning with the topic of light. As part of their learning on the law of reflection they created their own periscopes to investigate how light is reflected. The smiles on the children’s faces was priceless after the immense effort they put in creating these superb periscopes. Please see below for examples of our fantastic work:


In Re this week Year 6 Whales discussed the significance of the Ten Commandments within the religion of Judaism and then ranked them in order of what they thought was most important. It was interesting to hear the different views and opinions across the class, they ended their lesson writing which commandment they thought was most important and how it relates to the British values within our country. 


This week Year 6 Whales commenced their first lesson learning about the Tudors. To begin their topic they ordered different time periods, on a time line, to identify the time period the Tudors reigned within British history, they continued their lesson by creating a family tree of the Tudor family. Finally they immersed themselves in researching about a Tudor monarch of their choice and  then presented their findings to the rest of the class. 

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed sharing and presenting the historical information they had researched, with most of them intrigued by the  life of  Henry VIII and his multiple wives, who was then succeeded by his son Edward VI, who became a monarch at the age of 10! Well done Year 6 on your fantastic research, we will dwell further with our knowledge of the  Tudor history in subsequent lessons.