Another week done in Narwhals and our first full week of Spring 1. The children have been getting back into the full swing of things and many are excited for the weeks to come, especially with starting swimming next week.

In English we have begun to prepare for our next independent write which is a setting comparison between Munchkinland and Kansas, since we've never been to either of these places we started off by looking at imagery in order to come up with relevant high level vocabulary. We then finished our week off by looking at place adverbials we could use to describe the various areas in these two lands.

Maths saw us finishing off our work on decimals! This will surely make many breath a sigh of relief as they have worked so hard and learnt so much. We spent this week looking at how to multiply decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as looking at using our addition and multiplication knowledge to solve some difficult problem solving questions that we wouldn't usually be able to do in our heads, for example 32 divided by 0.2 may seem difficult, but if I were to use my knowledge of 32 divided by 2, I can begin to work it out.

Science saw us starting our new topic of Materials, to begin with we spent the lesson recapping last years knowledge of Solids, Liquids and Gases. we drew models of these items on a molecular level and also explained how these 3 states of matter can change between eachother.

History saw our start of our new topic 'The Anglo-Saxons' to start off our new topic we had a great time looking at who they actually were and the different tribes they were made up of. This saw us having some great discussions about many people such as the Romans, Scots, Picts, Angles, Saxons and Jutes! We also looked at famous historical structures such as Hadriens Wall and the Forts of the Saxon Shore.

Geography was continuing our California topic and why they are so thirsty! This week saw us looking at the journey of a water droplet, from when it percipitates, to being stored in a reservoir to be stored. It then travels along a pipe that travels all other the country till it reaches a farm who uses this water to irrigate their crops! This is due to the lack of water that some parts of California had linking it to our work from last week.