What a fantastic week we have had in Jellyfish class. To start the week we had an assembly with Mrs Willis to introduce our value of the term. This term it is determination. We have really worked hard this week at showing determination, especially in our maths and spelling lessons! 

In English this week we have continued to immerse ourselves into the world of Oliver Twist. We chose our alternative event from a selection that Miss French gave us and all became very excited at the thought of writing our own part of the story. We read an example text to gather ideas before moving into recapping the skills of adverbs and direct speech. 

In Maths we have started to look at equivalent fractions. We had a discovery lesson where we had lots of concrete resources to see what we could find out. Following this we learnt about what an equivalent fraction is and how to use a bar model to support this. To end the week we looked at equivalent fractions on a number line. We found this tricky to begin with but showed our value of the term, determination. 

In History this week we looked at how the ancient Egyptians lived. We learnt lots of new information that has helped us understand more about this ancient civilisation. This week we were amazed at the hierarchy system in place during this time and that the only people who could read and write were the scribes. In Geography we deepened our learning and focused on what is a village? We looked at what makes a village, a village and learnt a new piece of vocabulary, rural. We then got to put our knowledge to test and design our own village by using a map and a key to show what you would find in a village.