In Grammar this week we learnt all about informal and formal language to enable us to understand the style of writing used in a diary entry. We learned that formal language has a more serious tone compared to informal language which has a more relaxed, chatty tone. The children enjoyed looking at the meaning of different colloquial phrases and have been referring back to them throughout the week!

In Writing this week, we have begun to prepare for our first independent write of 2023 which is a diary entry written from the perspective of our main character Naledi. On Wednesday we focused on the importance of writing personal thoughts and feelings in our diaries to develop a strong sense of voice. The children have really enjoyed this style of writing!


In Arithmetic this week, we have been consolidating our learning surrounding counting in fractions beyond 1 and finding the missing fraction in a sequence. I have been impressed with how much determination Stingrays have shown this week, after finding this method difficult. In Maths, we continued with our Year 4 topic of fractions. We consolidated our knowledge of the three different types of fractions, this helped us to be able to articulate our answers and explanations using key mathematical vocabulary. On Tuesday we looked at mixed numbers and how we can partition them. Then we have been looking at comparing mixed numbers and writing fractions on a number line.


In Geography this week, we have been learning all about the city Cologne situated on the River Rhine. We discussed how many bridges there are that stretch over the river and why people might use these. We further discussed the advantages of living next to the river for reasons such as trading, farming, transportation, and tourism. Then we looked at  some of the disadvantages such as flooding and how humans have built flood walls to protect the city.