Welcome back, Swan Class! I hope you have all had a wonderful Winter break and are looking forward to a new half term of learning! The children returned to school this week with a great attitude to learning, and have settled back into put routines very well. They enjoyed circle time on the first day back and had many experiences to share with the rest of the class. We showed good listening skills and were respectful when listening to our friends. Our speaking skills are continuing to improve; we are growing in confidence when talking during our whole class discussions and we are becoming much better at speaking in full sentences. 

To begin this half term, we are learning all about the season of winter. We have discussed the changes in our environment during winter, including the weather, as well as the clothes we wear to keep us warm. 

We read the story 'Jack Frost' to find out more about winter and learn new vocabulary relating to this season. We discussed the different characters in the story and related the experiences of the characters to our own during the winter months. For example, we discussed that when it snows, we can build snowmen, have snowball fights and go sledging. We also spoke about the transition from Winter into Spring, and how we experience a change in the weather at this time.

We have also enjoyed learning about winter within our provision! As we have had a short first week back, we will be continuing our learning about winter next week :)