We have had such a lovely and busy start to the new year this week! Children were so sensible when returning to school and were able to remember their routines and class rules straight away. It has been wonderful to see their confidence when entering the classroom again.

We have started our new topic 'Winter' by doing lots of different activities and engaging in discussions to help us to understand all about the season. We have talked about the weather and how it has changed from Autumn, so that we could then think about the clothing that we should be wearing now that it is Winter. This means that when going outside to play, we were able to make sure that we were wrapped up warm enough!

This week, we have set out a reading table which has proven to be a very popular choice during child initiated activities! Children have really enjoyed talking about their chosen stories with staff and each other, and joining in with they common phrases that they know! Aliens Love Underpants has been a particular favourite! 

Nursery class have also really enjoyed exploring in the outdoor area this week. We have been shopping, where we have extended our communication and interaction skills in order to enhance our role play, and have worked together to form ideas and build new toys to play with, such as a see-saw using the wooden planks! 

We have been really creative using the popoids in the construction area and have made up our own storylines as a group to go along with the characters that we have created! In doing so, we have shown really good team work and collaborative skills. Whilst creating our popoid models we have also been able to include size language such as 'small' and 'tall' to describe our creations. 

Finally, we have shown great skill and determination during our work on repeating patterns in Maths. We have enjoyed to do this in both adult and child led provision and are becoming really confident in identifying the next colour or shape in a repeating pattern!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and can't wait for another busy week!