Hello and Happy New Year to you all, it was great to see the children back in school ready for a new term and settling back into our routine so quickly! With only 3 days this week we've had a lot to fit into a short time frame.

In our English learning, we have begun looking at our new class text, 'The wonderful wizard of Oz' , to truly immerse ourselves into the text we have spent our first 3 days completing book talk activities such as; predicting using our inference skills based on our book cover and blurb, discovering the main characters, settings and plots to get a good understanding of what the text is about and using our summarising skills to explain what has happened in the first 6 chapters of the text.  We will be using this in the following weeks as we start our setting comparison work

For Maths learning we have re-capped and revisited our previous decimals learning. We began the week by completing small revision tasks to explore where our misconceptions were and to remind ourselves of the basic decimal knowledge, before moving onto partitioning, and then comparing and ordering. Our arithmetic work has focused on converting fractions into decimals to further support this.

During our afternoon sessions this week, we've begun to investigate Andy Warhol in art and have completed research and created fact files about him, in RE we have looked at different places of worship and finally in Geography we have been investigating features and recapping the water cycle.