A fantastic week of learning in Dolphin Class!

Our English learning this week has seen us continue our work relating to diary entries.  After completing some grammar work on Monday to help with our understanding of homophones, we then completed our extended write over Tuesday and Wednesday, publishing our individual diary entries. The work produced was absolutely first class -  the Dolphins really managed to take on the character of grumpy old Mister Tom well! (Or should I say bloomin' well!) We then completed some work relating to evacuee poetry for the remainder of the week -  investigating rhyme and how it can be used effectively in poetry. This work will be continuing next week, with some very season-related writing!

Our Maths learning this week has seen us investigate decimal numbers. We began the week by looking at the addition of decimals -  remembering that place value is vital to ensure the correct placement, therefore the correct answer! We investigated how to correctly write decimals, using our knowledge of place value. We learnt that the golden rule is that a tenth as a decimal has one digit after the decimal point (and 10 has one zero), a hundredth has two decimal places (and 100 has two zeros) and a thousandth has three digits after the decimal point (and 1000 has three zeros). This rule really helped us when writing decimals numerically.

Our Science learning this week saw us take on a rather delicious challenge involving the phases of the Moon. We investigated why we can see phases of the Moon, what they are called and their appearance, before then creating these phases using Oreo biscuits! The results were amazing and rather tasty too!

Our History learning saw us investigate how science and medicine developed in the ancient city of Baghdad.  We learnt that the scholars translated ancient Greek books related to human anatomy into Arabic. This then allowed for the knowledge to be accessed by students within their universities, creating the first doctor training qualifications. We reflected on the achievements of Baghdad as a city, including what influences they shared with the wider World.

Our Geography learning this week saw us examine how the Amazon rainforest is being reduced due to deforestation.  We learnt that there are many factors causing this problem, including cattle ranching, gold mining, logging and over farming.  We were shocked to discover that in 2016, it was actually made easier to complete deforestation actions! The licences were made cheaper and the government even offered low-cost loans to help complete the actions. We completed this learning by holding a P4C discussion relating to who the rainforest actually belonged to -  and whether or not they had the right to damage it.  As always, many wonderful comments were made and ideas discussed.

Have a lovely week, 

Love from Dolphin Class. x