This week has been slightly different due to NFER assessments but Stingrays have shown great flexibility and hard work in adapting to our different routines. Well done Stingrays!


This week in Maths on Thursday we focussed on multiplying three numbers together. The children found this quite tricky but once we recongised the method, we were able to secure our knowledge of the skill. On Friday we recapped our learning from year 3 on multiplying 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number, in preparation for next week. 


In Grammer this week we learned how to use a range of conjunctions such as however, until, meanwhile, within our writing. This is something Stingrays don't always remember to use in their independent writing but are fantastic at including in sentences. In writing on Tuesday we used our prior knowledge of conjunctions to write our final paragraph. It is wonderful to see the effort Stingrays are putting into their writing which is showing in the amount of work they are producing. On Thursday this week, we completed our independent writing on Charlotte's web, the children have loved reading this book and have really engaged with the high-level vocabulary within the text.

On Thursday we were very excited to see two elves have joined us in the classroom to celebrate winter and Christmas!