This week we have had a very exciting week in Jellyfish class. On Thursday it was the 1st of December and when we walked into the classroom we have a special visitor! An Elf! So far he seems very cheeky as he was trying to change the day on Thursday and on Friday he even attempted one of our tests!! We think he needs to go back to Elf School based on some of his answers though! 

This week has been very different for us in the mornings as we have been completing our Autumn Term assessments. Miss French is incredibly proud of every single one of us for showing all of our school values when completing these! 


In History this week we learnt that our ancestors in the Neolithic Age made pots to keep and store grass, wheat and grains. They used clay to make these pots because they knew it is easy to mould, it is soft and wet. They used fire to dry the clay out and suck out the moisture. Sometimes they even decorated their pots using sticks and bones! 

In Geography we looked at mountainous regions within the UK. We looked at the Cairngorms, The Highlands, The Pennines, The Brecon Beacon, The Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. 


In Science we became dieticians and nutritionists and used all of our knowledge so far to help give advice to a ten year old child who needed a more balanced lunchbox for school! We used our knowledge of the Eatwell Plate, calories and even bones and muscles to help inform us on our decisions!