This week in Duck class we have been learning about Autumn. The children know we are in Autumn and we are learning about the different signs to look for and the changes in our environment. Over the next few weeks we will dive deeper into our topic and exploring hibernation, migration and adapting.

We have read the story 'Goodbye Summer and Hello Autumn'. The children have loved listening to the story and they have been able to use their own experiences to link to the book. We have grouped objects, actions and experiences that we have enjoyed in summer and looked at how these experiences change as we move to autumn. For example our clothing, we wrap up warm and have more clothing on in Autumn. We have explored this through communication, drawings and different activities.

This week we have been on an Autumn walk, we recapped what 5 senses we have and how to use them. The children explored the school grounds and identified different seasonal changes they spotted. Once we identified different changes we discussed why there are changes and how. For example the leaves change because it becomes colder. 

In maths this week we have taught a new skill - subtraction. I am super proud of the children's hard work and concentration in our lessons. They all know that subtracting means taking away and they are able to read the number sentences. In maths lessons we have practised taking an amount away and completing number sentences. It is important to know when we are subtracting the number gets smaller. 

We have been working very hard on our letter formation and focused on curly caterpillar letters, each week we have increasing control with our pencils and the children are becoming aware on their letter size and keeping all letters on the line. We continue to discuss ascenders, descenders and how to form these letters. 

We are applying our taught phonic knowledge within our writing, children are labelling work with initial sounds independently and we are now segmenting phase 2 CVC words and writing in these in our books. The children look at the image, segment and form the letters, always working on their letter formation. 

Next week we are looking deeper into Autumn and focusing on hibernation. I look forward to seeing you all, have a lovely weekend,

Miss Mayer