What another fabulous week of learning in Stingrays class!

I would like starrt by sayig thank you to all of the parents and adults who attended the Parent Consultations on Tuesday, it was a pleasure to be able to dicuss your child's learning, progress, and next steps. 


For our Grammar lesson this week we focussed on three of the categories for determiners: articles, quantifiers, and numbers. We learned that quantifying determiners tells us how many of the nouns there are without giving a specific number (eg. lots, many, few, some). Whereas number determiners give us specific information about how many of the nouns we are talking about (e.g one, three, five, first). 

In Writing this week, we have continued to prepare for our independent writing on Thursday. We have been exploring high-level tricky subordinating conjunctions to extend sentences such as 'whenever', 'although', and 'whether'. On Wednesday we planned our independent writing considering which vocabulary to magpie from the text. 


For Maths this week, we have focussed on multiplying by 10 and 100. We have been absolutely blown away by the determination shown by Stingrays who very quickly picked up the skill of understanding how the digits move column when multiplying. In Maths this week, we have started our brand new topic of 'Multiplication and Division`, multi[plying and dividing by 3,  6, and 9. We can now explain what a multiple is very clearly and have been working together to solve challenging problems!